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Helpful advice delivered in the wrong way

Being unable to drive I rely heavily on my feet and the aid of my GD.  This means that once the kids are in bed and the other half is home I can go to the later and quieter swimming session at the local leisure centre.


it had been a really good session and as I was walking home a little exhausted after my swimming, it was a clear night but a little cold, we’d almost reached home when I heard a van drive past me slowly, then the same van drive back past on the opposite side then I heard it behind me for the third time and it stopped.

My pace quickened but I was very aware that I was on a very quiet part of the road and it was 10.45pm, Vicky felt my unease and quickened even further, when there was a flash of lights and the sound of a siren behind me.

The van was infact a police van containing 2 officers who had stopped me to make me aware of recent dog thefts in the area.  I have the utmost respect for the police, but they got the brunt of my upset when they walked up to me.

I was shaking and still petrified when they reached me, I had never felt so scared. I was very aware of the recent attempts of dog thefts, so full pelt they felt my anger.  They had in fact by trying to help put me in fear of danger.  If they had not put on the siren I don’t know what I would have done. It was a horrible feeling that haunted me for hours after.  They did apologise for causing me distress and I too apologised for my outburst, the reason they had in fact sounded the siren was because they had come to realise that they were causing me fear, but at a point where to just drive off would have been worse.

They offered to drive us home and told me to be aware of my surroundings and if I felt in fear to contact 101 immediately.  I am grateful for their concern and information, but as I explained to them, the delivery was a little off.

Being on my own makes me very aware of my surroundings and I’ve been known to grow anxious when passed by a jogger, but that is the female stranger danger aware in me, not the blindie.




Missing the Obvious

I often feel silly and clumsy as I am totally and utterly able to miss the obvious.  My condition is such that my field of vision is reduced and then what is left in the reduced bit is incredibly short sighted.  if I’m not focused on anything I can see alot-or rather my brain tells me that that is the case.  But as movement into the mix and I actually see very little.

Yhis is me, there is no hiding the fact, but it does mean that when looking at a bigger view I can miss the obvious because I’m focussing on the wrong part of it.

I can often miss someone or something right infront of me, often a friend or family member waving.  I can also be blinded by too much information and not see anything even though technically I can see it all.  This is where my brain and memory comes in..

But then that’s for another blog!

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