Guide Dog becomes Guard Dog

For me, a guide dog is freedom, a guide dog is not only a ‘really well trained dog’ she is my eyes. She is my independence. She is my enabler.

She enables me to go out and walk with confidence, to visit friends, to volunteer and to live my life without an eye condition…. To a point.


However, she has recently take it upon herself to serve an additional role:  As my chaperone.

Late last month I was out with an old friend for lunch, he and Fizz had met before and she was her usual bouncy friendly self.

After a bit of shopping we went for lunch in a lovely pub, known as The Customs House, so named for the position it originally held on the Naval Base HMS Vernon, before the area was redeveloped into outlet shopping and luxury apartments.

We were sat chatting while Fizz gently snoozed at my feet, my friend (whom I won’t embarrass by naming) put his arm around me.

Within seconds, my trusted guide dog was on her feet and nudging his other hand away that was sat lightly on my leg.  Once he moved his hand and arm from around me, she settled down again.  Only to spring back up when after a few momenfs he did it again!

I was more than happy with the affection he was showing me, I wasn’t worried or alarmed, but Fizz clearly had other ideas!

This time when she nudged I asked him not to move, so when her nudging didn’t work, she went on to lick his hand (she isn’t a Licky dog), turned herself around, sat down and pushed herself back towards the sofa so that she was sitting between us !!

I made a big fuss of her and softly reassured her that I was ok, he too made a fuss and she had a happy wagging tail.  She settled down again and didn’t stir one bit when he then leaned in and gently kissed me.

I have never experienced anything like it before (I mean the dog reaction, not the kiss! It’s not THAT type of blog)

When we left the pub and walked hand in hand she was more than happy, while we stood awaiting our ferry, she happily sat against him and wagged her tail as he stroked her.

And when he kisses me again as we parted, Fizz stood calmly by my side not making any fuss.

So we took that to mean that he had her approval, his intentions were honourable and we shall most likely be seeing each other again …

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